Welcome to our marketplace!

This place is for you if you are a local manufacturer, artist or even a person interested in buying from them. This place is about local to local and we want to contribute to our common conscious living by supporting each otherSo please welcome these products, which are gathered from local people that are ethically designed, made and distributed. You can pay only with a card directly from our site, we don’t use cash payments.

Be part of the change!


The tutistore.ro was established in 2018 in the very heart of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca. We are not only an online shop where you can order some amazing products, but we believe in the power of the local producers and in the power of community. 

The idea was born out of the need to create a place where conscious people can contribute to society  while at the same time bring art and beauty closer to You. We’re a passionate and forward-thinking team, who expertise in corrugated board items, designer objects and everyday usage products. 

Our mission is to bring creative artifacts & eco-friendly solutions into our customer’s lives, by using the latest trends and technology in the market. 

One of our goals is to create everyday usage products and designer objects from recyclable, organic and bio-degradable materials, in order to reduce the negative effects of our footprint in the eco-system. The other goal is to link local producers with the customers bringing each other closer and forming a community.

Our product palette is very versatile and it’s continually expanding with locally made items. Also, we recommend the use of reusable items, this way you will reduce the amount of trash you buy and create, and, as a bonus, while buying from local stores, you will help in stabilizing the economy. 

You will get all these benefits, just by being conscious. Isn't that great?

Be green

by using recyclable products and by making as less trash as you can.

Support culture

by being part of a conscious community and by being aware of your surroundings.

Buy local

by buying from local producers and by being part of the local community.